Bericht von der Potsdamer Konferenz „The Philosophy of Computer Games“

Ein kurzer Bericht von der Potsdamer Konferenz The Philosophy of Computer Games, die heute ihren letzten Veranstaltungstag hatte. Tatsächlich eine „Philosophie des Computerspiels“ im Singular zu erwarten, wäre wohl angesichts der Heterogenität des jungen Forschungsfelds der game studies zuviel verlangt (und ohnehin wäre eine solche Vereinheitlichung der Sicht auf Computerspiele „von oben herab“ wohl auch kaum zu wünschen). Eher ging es, und das ist interessant genug, auf der dreitätigen, international besetzten Konferenz um die Reflexion theoretischer Zugänge zum Phänomen der Computerspiele und um einzelne philosophische Fragen wie die nach Wahrnehmung, Handlung, Raum, Information, Immersion, Realität/Virtualität etc.


Ping … this blog is not dead … but so is the Berlin Metaverse Summit 2007

This is just to proclaim that this blog is not dead … there’s a lot that I would have posted if I had not been so lazy had simply done it had not been so busy fighting against my student’s vampires on facebook only had found the time to do so. And besides, it turns out to be a turn-down blogging in english when those few people who are reading it (you know who) are supposedly german native speakers. (I’m not complaining, being a part of the blogosphere means to read and comment in the first line.)

OK, this blog is not dead, but so is the Metaverse Summit which was scheduled for December 6th/7th in Berlin. Unfortunately, because they asked me to give a talk there. Supposedly to get me buying a ticket ;-) At least the Metaverse Expo 07 (Munich) seems to take place (without me, though). Addendum: It does take place, but in Secondlife, not in Munich (SLurl).

The Berlin Metaverse Convention was the third german SL/Metaverse event to be canceled this year. Could it be that folks like Linden Lab and Anche Chung Studios were just a bit too busy making the big, fast money on the climax of the SL media hype, leaving behind empty Sims (although log-in counts still grow or so – btw., could someone be so kind to script some rolling bushes, that would make a nice picture). Anyway, it’s nice to read about open standards being planned for virtual objects and avatars (thx for the link, Jens). If I get it right, it could just turn out to be a kind of ‚OpenSocial‘ for virtual worlds.

However, I’ll promise to post something about avatars and virtual worlds research soon. And to supplement a post about some experiences I recently had when giving a talk to media educators about social networks (50-60% already heard about „MySpace“, and a roaring 30% knew the expression „Web 2.0“). See you.

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