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Jörissen, Benjamin; Unterberg, Lisa

Digital Cultural Education. The Capabilities of Cultural Education Facing Digital Transformation. Incollection

In: Jörissen, Benjamin; Klepacki, Leopold; Unterberg, Lisa; Engel, Juliane; Flasche, Viktoria; Klepacki, Tanja (Ed.): Spectra of Transformation, pp. 31–37, Waxmann, Münster, New York, 2018.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Marotzki, Winfried

Online-Communities and Social Networking. New Developments in the Context of Web 2.0 Incollection

In: Meyer, Thorsten; Scheibel, Michael; Goussar, Stephan; Meisel, Timo; Schawe, Julia (Ed.): Bildung im Neuen Medium - Education Within a New Medium. Wissensformation und digitale Infrastruktur - Knowledge Formation and Digital Infrastructure, pp. 338–346, Waxmann, 2008.

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