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Beach, Dennis; Engel, Juliane; Jörissen, Benjamin (Ed.)

Special Issue: Cultural Sedimentations - Ethnography on the Materiality and Historicity of Aesthetic Practices (Ethnography and Education) Book Forthcoming

Routledge, London, Forthcoming.

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Engel, Juliane; Jörissen, Benjamin; Möller, Elke; Klepacki, Tanja

Transgressive Videography – Videographic Access to Practices of Subjectivisation between Materiality, Mediality, and Aesthetics Incollection Forthcoming

In: Oxford Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods in Education, Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Unterberg, Lisa

Aesthetics of Transformation. Arts Education Research and the Challenge of Cultural Sustainability Book Forthcoming

Springer, Forthcoming.

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Jörissen, Benjamin

The significance of mediality in relation to multilocal spatiality and identity Journal Article

In: Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 2019.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Unterberg, Lisa

Digital Cultural Education. The Capabilities of Cultural Education Facing Digital Transformation. Incollection

In: Jörissen, Benjamin; Klepacki, Leopold; Unterberg, Lisa; Engel, Juliane; Flasche, Viktoria; Klepacki, Tanja (Ed.): Spectra of Transformation, pp. 31–37, Waxmann, Münster, New York, 2018.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Unterberg, Lisa

Whose arts education – whose „quality“? A plea to rethink our modes of articulation. Incollection

In: Ijdens, Teunis; Bolden, Ben; Wagner, Ernst (Ed.): Arts Education around the World: Comparative Research Seven Years after the Seoul Agenda. International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education, 5/2017 , pp. 378–383, 2018.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Klepacki, Leopold; Wagner, Ernst

Arts Education Research Incollection

In: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2018.

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Jörissen, Benjamin; Marotzki, Winfried

Online-Communities and Social Networking. New Developments in the Context of Web 2.0 Incollection

In: Meyer, Thorsten; Scheibel, Michael; Goussar, Stephan; Meisel, Timo; Schawe, Julia (Ed.): Bildung im Neuen Medium - Education Within a New Medium. Wissensformation und digitale Infrastruktur - Knowledge Formation and Digital Infrastructure, pp. 338–346, Waxmann, 2008.

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Fromme, Johannes; Jörissen, Benjamin; Unger, Alexander

(Self-) Educational effects of computer gaming cultures Incollection

In: Ferdig, Rick (Ed.): Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education., pp. 757–775, Idea Books Reference, 2008.

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Jörissen, Benjamin

Virtual Reality on the Stage. Performing Community at a LAN-Party. Incollection

In: Hernwall, Patrik (Ed.): Envision. The New Media Age and Everyday Life., Stockholm University, 2004.

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Jörissen, Benjamin

Who's online? Anthropological remarks on the construction of self and other in computer-mediated communication. Incollection

In: Qvarsell, Birgitta; Wulf, Christoph (Ed.): Culture and Education, Waxmann, Münster, New York, 2003.

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