My Spurls-Newsposting have moved to

That’s it, I’m leaving Spurl. I always was a friend of Furl, until their RSS-Streams stopped working for several weeks or even month without anyone fixing it. So I changed to Spurl, wich works well, but does not save a personal copy of the bookmarked site (like Furl did).

I’m using Diigo since it came out, and I thougth there’s no reasong sticking with Spurl any longer … a Diigo Group for the news stuff meets my needs much better (URL:

Anyway, who subscribes to my feedburner-stream instead of the spurl-RSS won’t notice a differende. (The URL is:

Bye-bye Spurl, and thanks for the service.

BTW – I use this Blogger-stream just to post this message on my Spurl-account as a news. I don’t use this blog any longer, as I posted below. See or for my weblog.