MA Pedagogics w/ study focus Cultural Education now has its first regular english course!

As the Erlangen Institute of Pedagogics is involved in several international research networks (INRAE, ENO) related to aesthetic, arts and cultural education, and even hosts a UNESCO Chair for Culture and Arts in Education, this is obviously a good starting point for the internationalization of our study courses.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that much of the contents in our study courses is originally in german (esp. theory of “Bildung”) and students generally prefer to speak german in class, it is not really easy to introduce english courses.

However, in order to provide international perspectives in our MA Pedagogics, I found that implementing a UNESCO-related course would make it easy to give this one course in english. My english is for sure less than perfect (as you may have noticed), and so is the english spoken in our international networks – but we do get along, and we manage to have deep conversations about our ideas and issues. This is an experience we’d like to open up to our students.
Minor flaw: The course description is still in german, as it has to be…